Chiropractic History/Philosophy
I am Laura L. Shook, D. C., a chiropractor with an office located near down town Wichita KS. I graduated in 1991, Magna Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic West (PCCW) located in San Jose, California.
In addition to my education at PCCW I have received training as a massage therapist from the Monterey Institute of Touch. This combination of chiropractic and massage therapy allows me to treat my patients with a touch that is strong yet gentle. Many of my patients can not tolerate forceful treatments (“no popping please”). I can be as gentle as a lamb. Others come seeking and benefit from something more forceful (“Doc I need my back popped”). But it is not about force it’s about finesse, timing and an understanding of how the body works and heals.
If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment please do not hesitate to contact me at (316)267-6522
I am a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) “Doctor”, as a title, originates from the Latin word “doctoris” which means “Teacher”. “Chiropractic” translates “Practices with Hands”. I use my hands, eyes, ears, a few tools, and many years of clinical experience to evaluate and treat the muscles and joints of my patients. When we talk on the phone I will hear your story. When you speak I will listen. When you move I will observe. When I touch your back, neck, hips, legs, arms, feet, hands I will feel the texture and tone of your muscles and the mobility of your joints.
I see patients by appointment only I run a “low volume practice” providing care to 5-10 patients each day. This style of practice allows me to provide one-on-one care customized to each of my patient’s unique needs.
Early in my career I made the choice to operate a “one woman office”. I provide the chiropractic care. I answer the phone, I fuss with the computer and I water the plants. If a number has been transposed, I probably did it. If you have a question, I am the woman you ask. If, when you call, the voicemail picks up then please leave a message so I can return your call at my first opportunity.
“Walk lightly upon the earth and act always with an open and honest heart.” This is my guiding principle. When you enter my office you will breathe air kept clean and fresh by a small jungle of plants. You may smell the aroma of today’s lunch simmering in the Crockpot. The furniture you sit upon is, to a great extent, used or recycled. I shop at thrift stores. Each year I, and my family, plant a vegetable garden and preserve the harvest. The vehicle I drive is simple and fuel efficient. I carpool. I take comfort in simple solutions.
I do expect cooperation and honesty from my patients. Recalling that “doctor” means “teacher”, there is very little I can do if my patient/student is absent from their appointment/class. Healing/learning will be hindered if exercise/homework is not attended to by the patient/student. The relationship between chiropractor and patient is a blending of trust, honesty, relaxation and touch (Remember: “Chiropractic” = “Practices with hands”). Sometimes it may take a few visits for your body to become accustomed to my touch and for my hands to become accustomed to the tone and response of your body. Not every patient will be a perfect match to every chiropractor and I do not expect everyone to be a perfect match to me. With an open and honest heart I say “Welcome, let’s give it a try.”
Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) which means, “Teacher who practices with hands”, IN NO WAY means “psychic” I can not read you mind. If you have questions please ask them. If I am causing you discomfort or making you nervous please speak up. If you are unable to adhere to recommendations for at home care (exercises, ice/heat, stretches, diet, stress management …) then tell me in a frank manner so that I can modify my plan for your treatment.
Sometimes it is about optimizing the healing of an injury.  
Sometimes it is about correcting posture and balancing strength and flexibility.
Sometimes it is about shaking off the funkiness leftover from a long journey or reducing the aches left after a bought of the flu.
Sometimes you just need someone to reach the places you can not reach on yourself.
Sometimes it is about recharging the batteries and boosting dynamic life force energy.
Sometimes I say “You need to consult with your primary medical doctor for further evaluation”.
Sometimes I’m a coach – sometimes I’m a cheerleader --- sometimes I will scold you for the shoes you wear or the soda you drink. I will most certainly recommend that you walk and stretch, sing, dance and play, drink plenty of clean water, eat your veggies and fruits, move your body regularly, breath deeply, avoid the things you know are bad for you and never underestimate the importance of recreation.
If you have questions or you wish to make an appointment please call (316)267-6522